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Most Common Diagnostic Tests


Diagnostic testing refers to the various types of tests that can be performed to help a medical professional diagnose an individual. There are hundreds of different diagnostic tests available depending on the lab, and there are always new test being discovered. The following tests are among the most common diagnostic tests performed by lab technicians.


A mammogram is used to diagnose breast cancer in females, which is done by taking an x-ray of the breast. This is one of the most common types of diagnostic procedures done. Mammograms are a routine medical procedure done periodically for younger woman, and as they progress in age, mammograms are performed more frequently as the risk for breast cancer increases.

Hemoglobin A1C

A Hemoglobin A1C test (also known as HbA1C) is a simple blood test that is able to determine whether an individual is prediabetic or has diabetes type 2. The test does this by measuring the average blood glucose level of a person over a several-month span. If a medical professional suspects an individual may be at risk for diabetes, they can order this test to give them a definitive answer. The results are given in percentages, and higher percentages equal higher blood sugar levels.


An ultrasound is done for a variety of reasons, ranging from diagnosing a pregnancy to detecting kidney stones. Ultrasounds use sound wave frequencies that bounce back, thus producing an image of the inside of your body. Pregnancy is one of the most common uses for ultrasounds, however this method can also look at almost any other organ in your body.

While there are hundreds more diagnostic tests available on the market, these are some of the most commonly used tests available in the medical field. These simple procedures can be done to diagnose hundreds of different medical issues, and they are a major asset to modern medicine.

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