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Pathology Laboratory in California

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When talking about medical care services, not a lot of people take into account the role that pathology labs play in the industry.

Pathologists are some of the biggest influencers in the medical sectors because they provide physicians and other medical professionals with the information necessary to make decisions.



A pathology laboratory in California may handle different types of tests from urinalysis for pregnancy exams to CBC for an overall blood count check. It is because of these tests that doctors can diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases. The American Clinical Laboratory Association states that over 70% of medical decisions depend on laboratory testing. Understanding the role of pathologists in the medical care industry gives you an idea of how important they are.

Improving Quality of Medical Care

The standard of care a physician provides depends highly on his/her access to laboratory services. After collecting samples from patients, such as tissue, blood, or other biological matter, doctors submit these for lab testing. With the help of advanced equipment or through manual techniques in some instances, lab experts do analyses and generate reports. These reports allow medical practitioners to provide evidence-based care. When a doctor knows that a patient has diabetes, he/she can begin appropriate treatment. Besides getting proof of the exact health condition, a physician will know how bad the situation is depending on the interpretation of the lab tests. This information makes it possible for doctors to offer a high quality of care to their patients because they don’t have to second-guess their decisions or provide generic treatment.

Pathology Laboratory in California Corona Pathology 2 - Pathology Laboratory in California
Pathology Laboratory in California Corona Pathology 3 - Pathology Laboratory in California

Enhancing Safety

Another reason a physician will refer a patient to a professional pathology laboratory in California is to ensure the safety of the care provided. A majority of medical malpractice cases result from incorrect diagnosis and consequently, treatments. Doctors depend on lab exams to determine the right drugs to administer or correct procedure to carry out, therefore, a single error in the analyses can endanger the life of a patient. The professionals who work in pathology laboratories must have the relevant qualifications and expertise to handle the functions entrusted to this medical field. Some patients assume that doctors are responsible for conducting the lab tests, but they just order them. Practitioners in clinical disciplines only learn a small part of the medical laboratory testing, hence the need to have other professionals take care of these roles. Communication between pathologists and physicians is necessary to enhance the safety of health care. It not enough to just get the results of a test; clinicians must be capable of applying them correctly.

Cost Containment

Pathology laboratories are critical in mitigating the costs of health care. Take a condition like diabetes. It requires three tests- a glucose tolerance exam, fasting glucose test, and a hemoglobin A1c exam. These tests allow medical practitioners to evaluate the risks factors in a patient such as diet and the control of blood glucose. By conducting the necessary diagnostic tests in good time, doctors can avoid common diabetes complications like kidney disease, stroke, and heart conditions. Incorrect diagnosis is not only unsafe; it can cost a lot of money. Accurate analyses of lab results ensure that clinicians don’t overspend on the wrong medical procedures or medications. It is because of pathologists that clinicians can determine which patients are most likely to benefit from expensive new therapies, subsequently preventing wastage. Qualified pathologists minimize the ordering of unnecessary tests, which can inflate the costs of medical care.

Personalized Treatment

The difference between one human system and the next makes it necessary for doctors to personalize therapies. For example, two individuals may seek treatment for coughing and antibiotics, which are usually the most popular option in such instances. However, one of them may have allergies that make the basic course of therapy impossible. Another scenario that may arise with the same two patients is that one may have a dry cough but not the other. Such distinctions are only possible with the right pathology investigations. Instead of planning care around a specialty such as cancer, pathology tests make it possible for clinicians to deliver care that is tailor-made to an individual. Lab testing also tells if a condition is successfully alleviated after the implementation of a particular treatment program.

Pathology testing is a critical part of the healthcare cycle. Both individuals and practitioners must know the importance of professional testing service when receiving medical attention. Whether you are ordering a test for yourself or a patient in California, insist on working with reputable and experienced testing laboratories.